Magento AI Content Generators – your ultimate guide

So ecommerce merchants like you, now have an amazing new tool to write content for your ecommerce website. There’s no doubt that ChatGPT and other language processors have helped create content like category/product descriptions and meta information extremely quickly and writers block is now a thing of pre-2023. But here’s thing – every other merchant is also using it! Read to on to fully understand the benefits of AI content creators for ecommerce.

Ecommerce content

Rich and unique e-commerce content is vital to the success of an online store by enriching the customer’s shopping experience, boosting search engine visibility and ultimately driving sales. Product descriptions that are well-written, thoroughly researched and detailed help any potential buyers understand a product’s features, benefits and suitability for their needs, instilling confidence in their purchase decision. Put yourself in the shopping scenario where you are looking for a product and want find out as much detail as possible before you part with your hard earned cash. No one wants to buy the wrong item and waste money or have to return it so consumers will actively seek out the best information source on their wanted purchase. Shopping is now what some would consider a leisure activity and product research is ubiquitous. Having the most up to date and informative product information will see your site rise to the top of SERP’s which is the ultimate goal here

Category content helps organise products effectively and provide further context to product groups, guiding users to the right sections and improving website navigation. Furthermore, optimised meta information, including titles, descriptions and keywords, directly impacts a website’s search engine rankings, ensuring that products are highly discoverable by a targeted audience.

Online competition is fierce no matter what niche you are in, investing in rich, unique e-commerce content is not just a nice to do but a necessity to stand out, build trust, topic authority and you’ll maximise online revenue and profits.


Artificial Intelligence Ecommerce Content – Review & Edit

The “review and edit” phase in the process of generating product descriptions is a critical step to ensure the final content meets your specific niche requirements and maintains the desired rich informative content. After receiving the initial product description from ChatGPT, it’s essential to carefully assess the generated content for accuracy, clarity and relevance. This phase allows you to refine and tailor the description to align with your brand’s tone, style guidelines and target audience preferences. You can add additional details, inject creativity, or make adjustments to enhance the overall readability and engagement of the description. By reviewing and editing the content, you can iron out any errors, inconsistencies, or irrelevant information, ultimately ensuring that the final product description meets the high standards expected by your customers and contributes effectively to your e-commerce success.

Generative AI content can only provide thin’sh content on specific niche topics. The glue is in the name “generative” – to offer full flavour detail you must use industry expertise to customise content to use specific language and add the finer details that your customers will seek out.


AI Content Generator Modules for Magento

It should be absolutely clear that AI generated content is a game changer for all industry and should now be considered defacto normal. If your not using it you are being left behind! To meet this demand, many Magento extension vendors have content generator plug-ins on offer. These solutions integrate seamlessly into the Magento admin and allow merchants to generate AI content in the usual entry fields for details such as product descriptions, meta and categories.

2 Magento AI Content generators are listed below:

  1. ChatGPT AI Content Generator for Magento 2 by Amasty
  2. GPT AI Assistant & Content Generator for Magento 2 by Mirasvit

AI Content Plug-ins (v’s) ChatGPT App

We have found that there can be limitations to AI content plug-ins in that it removes ChatGPT’s best feature. These modules normally work from prompts and spit out content and that’s it – if you feel something is missed you prompt again and it gives another output but the last one is gone. ChatGPT’s real value is well the “chat” having a conversation. So when using the ChatGPT platform the user can elaborate on the original query or delve deeper in to the specifics of a particular piece of content output. The conversational aspect of the ChatGPT platform still has it’s place over API plug-ins!


Remember that while using AI for generating ecommerce content like product descriptions can save time, it’s absolutely essential to maintain a balance approach between automation and personalised, high-quality rich content. Customers value unique and engaging descriptions, so only use AI as a tool to assist in the process rather than replacing the industry specific human expertise entirely.

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